Terms and conditions.

Terms apply upon payment of booking fee.

  1. A minimum booking fee of £25 for celebration cakes and £50-£75 for Wedding cakes (dependant of final cost) is required to confirm your booking, with out this we can not hold your booking slot. The remaining balance will then be due (5 days before collection for celebration cakes & cupcakes) (1 month before delivery for Wedding orders). Failure to pay the final amount on time without prior agreement may result in your order being cancelled and your booking fee will not be refunded.
    Any changes to your order must be made (1 week before collection for celebration cakes) (1 month before delivery for wedding orders)
  2. Upon cancellation of original contract: change of order to another booking (design or date) voids your original booking and a new booking will need to be made and original booking fee can not be moved or returned, booking fees are non-refundable. A cancellation is the cancellation of the agreed cake date and or design upon which your booking fee is paid for, if a cake is to be postponed to another date a new booking fee will be needed to retain a new date. If cancellation is made (7 days or less for celebration cakes) (30 days or less for wedding orders) You will be liable for the full amount and will be billed for the full amount, failure to pay will result in the matter being taken to small claims court.
  3. If collected it is the customers responsibility to ensure the safety of the cake to its required destination (Lily rose cakes will advise on the best way to do this) Cakes should only travel in the flat of a boot with nothing surrounding it.
    Lily Rose cakes can not be held liable for any damage caused to the cake after it has left the premises.
  4. Any cakes requiring a redesign or revised quoting will be subject to any price increases, original quote will be void and a new quote and form will be sent for your updated design. Any monies paid from original quote will stand and be brought forward.
  5. If fresh flowers are to be placed on the cake after delivery/collection, it is the responsibility of the customer and florist to determine flower safety and good food practices as some flowers may be toxic, and not the responsibility of Lily rose cakes.
  6. Upon set up, delivery or collection of a cake, it is always best for any items to be added safely by LilyRoseCakes, any items including toppers and flowers added after LilyRoseCakes has left the cake, responsibility lies upon the customer and or venue and persons who apply any unauthorised items to the cake, any damage caused or none food safe items added is no longer the responsibility of LilyRoseCakes.
  7. It is the responsibility of the customer to inform the cake decorator of any known allergies to any ingredients that may be used in the cakes. Cake ingredients or machinery may come into contact with nuts, milk and wheat products. Allergen information is provided with all orders and can be found on the customer contract handed to you upon collection/delivery.
  8. In the very unlikely event of a severe medical, natural or other emergency, it may be necessary to retain an alternative cake decorator. We will make every effort to secure a replacement decorator. If such a situation should occur and a suitable replacement is not found, responsibility and liability is limited to the return of all payments received for your order.
  9. In the unlikely event that a cake is deemed as unsatisfactory when cut the customer must keep hold of the cake for inspection by the the cake decorator. If it is agreed that the cake is not fully baked or does not contain the correct flavours as stated on the initial form, a % of the total cost will be agreed and refunded. Without the cake to be inspected no refund can be given.
  10. Once a time to collect is agreed upon, the customer must arrive within 30 minutes of agreed collection time. We can not guarantee that we will be in past this time, unless time is rearranged no less than 24 hours before collection. If the customer is unable to keep to the time agreed, contact must be made via email, phone or social media to rearrange time.
  11. Delivery is charged 50p per mile travelled to and from delivery destination. Cakes over £150 will have the first 10 miles free of charge, with a charge there after. Wedding cakes first 20 miles free of charge.
    Delivery and set up is included in the total cost when quoted for wedding cakes. Any changes needed for delivery must be given no less than 24 hours before delivery, an extra charge will be made for changes made with less than 24 hours notice.
  12. Terms for dummy cakes:
    Upon booking a dummy cake from LilyRoseCakes, an agreement may be made to return the dummy cake to LilyRoseCakes which will entitle you to the refund of your cake booking fee, or previously agreed amount. Upon agreement LilyRoseCakes will collect the cake from your venue. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the cake is returned in the same state that the cake was delivered, the cake must still be in one piece with all details, design and any flowers/toppers still intact, any damage or marks may result in a partial or none refund. Items to be kept by the customer may be removed upon agreement with LilyRoseCakes. A refund will be issued once the cake has been returned and inspected by LilyRoseCakes.
  13. Terms relating to the corona virus and related laws and any other postponements/cancellations:
    If a booking is unable to go ahead at all because gatherings of any kind are not permitted on the day of customers booking, a partial refund or movement of booking fee will be given. (This is only in regards to not being able to hold the ceremony or party at all with zero guests allowed)

    In the case of the wedding or party being able to go ahead but the customer chooses to postpone or cancel their celebration, the booking fee is non-refundable.
    If a postponement is made and lilyRoseCakes is able to move to your new date, a moving fee/new booking fee of £50 will apply to those moving to a new date. Postponing a date is in effect cancelling your previous date and order and a new contract and booking will need to be made to secure your new date.

    If full payment has been made and postponement/cancellation has been made over a month before booking date, this can be moved to a new date excluding the original booking fee which will be retained. Upon cancellation over a month before booking date, the booking fee will be retained the rest will be refunded. If any items have been purchased for the cake this will also be deducted from any refund.

    If a cancellation or postponement is made with less than a months notice before the celebration date, full payment will still be owed to LilyRoseCakes.

    Upon postponing if LilyRoseCakes is unable to accommodate your new date, the booking fee is non refundable, as the booking fee is to hold original contracted dates and covers all admin and loss of business, any payment over that may be refunded if inline with other terms and conditions.

    LilyRoseCakes endeavours to help in every way possible and will work with you in making sure we can come up with a solution that will suit both parties.