Cake costs explained (What will it cost and why?)

5th November 2016

Firstly why should you order a bespoke cake? What’s the first thing you look for at a party (after the birthday boy/girl of course or bride/groom) The cake! The cake is a big part of every celebration, and why shouldn’t it be, every chance we get we should celebrate in style because life throws enough bad times at us so why not really enjoy the great times, the times we will remember, most of all why not enjoy Cake!

A cake made especially for you, personal to you or the person it’s for.

So now you’ve decided you would love to have a special cake made, your next thought when you think about having a custom made cake is “how much will that cost?”
It’s very difficult to give an instant quote for bespoke cakes as each cake is individual. Price depends on a number of factors, flavours, portions needed and mostly the design. (The more elaborate the design the more it will cost)

Once we know all of those factors a quote can be made.
Most of my Celebration cakes start at £50.

But how do we get our prices? For most cakes 50% of the cost is ingredients (what it costs us to make the cake and we all know what groceries cost these days!) because it’s more than just butter, eggs and flour. Fondant also costs a lot (decent fondant anyway) I have tried and tested many to find the ones I like the best and are best to get the perfect finish on a cake. Other factors are boards, boxes, ribbon, dowels etc etc, it all adds up very quickly. Of course we also do this to make some profit (most bakers work for less than half of minimum wage) and cakes take days to make. Models on cakes also add to cost due to price of the paste and the hours they take to make. Bakers also have to factor in, insurance costs, equipment, gas and electric bills and other bills that come with running a business. It is more than just cake, just because it’s a perishable good doesn’t mean it should be worth less than the latest gadget. A lot of skill, love and time goes into bespoke items and that is worth a lot.

Every cake I make at LilyRoseCakes is completely handmade from scratch, each one is made to the very best of my abilities and with pride. Not flash frozen, no added chemicals to make it last longer, not mass produced.

Just made with love, just for you. And I think their pretty tasty too!

So if you think you would like a custom cake made please send me a message and I will see what I can do for you.